Pit Boss Pellets

The Official Pellet of #PITBOSSNATION


Not only do we perfectly formulate and optimize our pellets for grill efficiency, our proprietary hardwood blends help your grill reach its full potential and the highest temperatures.


Our pellets are made of a thoughtful blend of multiple types of 100% hardwood.

Each blend contains a unique combination of wood types including oak, alder, hickory, applewood, and more. We never use any flavor oils, fillers, or binders, so you have the most authentic, wood-smoked grilling experience.


Pit Boss pellets are all made in mills all across the United States and Canada.

Pit Boss is the largest barbecue wood pellet manufacturer in the U.S, and all of our manufacturing pellets are located in the U.S. We source sawdust from local suppliers so we can give new life to materials that may have been otherwise disposed of.

Wood Pellet Flavor Pairings