Gathering around the grill and sharing a delicious meal with those you love is always a good time. Below are some helpful tips and things to keep in mind to ensure your outdoor cooking experience is not only fun and flavorful, but also safe.


  • Where you choose to set up your grill is crucial. Your grill should always be outside, and away from cover with proper ventilation.

  • We recommend setting up 10 feet away from any structure, such as your home, fencing, trees, and more. This ensures that in the event of a grease fire, it won’t spread.

  • Your grill should be in an area where it is level. This is important because the grease management system won’t work properly if the grill is on a steep incline.

  • We do NOT recommend putting our grills on wood surfaces, such as a deck, since those surfaces are flammable.


  • In the event of a grease fire, do NOT spray with water since it will make it worse. A grease fire should be suffocated. We recommend carefully closing the lid to suffocate the fire. You could also throw baking soda or salt over it to put it out.

  • Don’t leave your grill alone for extended periods running at a low temperature, and you should always keep an eye on it if the temperature is set over 300°F.

  • Don’t overload your grill with fatty meats, like bacon since it could cause a flare-up. When you are cooking that type of food, you should keep a close eye on them. Keeping meat in the middle of the grates is always best to ensure grease doesn’t drip outside the flame broil plate and allows for proper grease maintenance.

  • One of the best ways to help prevent a grease fire is to keep your grill clean. Check out our guide to cleaning your grill.