VST is the perfect combination of PID and Cycle cooking – providing temperature management along with a Smoke Mode option that gives you a robust wood fired smoke flavor.

Users can toggle between Smoke Mode and PID mode, offering consistent temperatures in PID mode, and Smoke Mode, which allows you the ability to enhance the amount of smoke for maximum wood fired flavor. You can engage Smoke mode with the simple push of a button.

So, what makes VST work? Good question.

The internal brushless DC components of VST provide variable speeds so you can have a smoother, quieter, and more satisfying, grilling experience.

So, with this new innovation in wood pellet smoking and grilling, you get the most latest technology and premium smoke options all housed in one grill!

Pit Boss Pro Series Elite 1600 Feature Variable Smoke Technology

Check out the Pro Series Elite 1600, the first grill in our product line to feature Variable Smoke Technology (VST).