There seems to be a lot of talk surrounding burn back (and how to avoid it) in grilling and smoking forums. Well, the Pit Boss experts have entered the chat.


So, what is burn back exactly?

Burn backs occur when the flame/heat source reaches the auger shaft, and the pellets smolder/ignite inside the auger – and possibly work their way back into the hopper.

Burn backs can happen when there is improper air flow or an overabundance of pellets in the firebox. This is usually the result of a mechanical or electrical malfunction.


How do I avoid burn back?

The best way to minimize the risk of burn back is with regular grill maintenance and care.

Need help with that? Check out our comprehensive guides for cleaning your pellet grill and proper maintenance. (Should link to those pages)


What do I do if burn back happens?

Should a burn back occur, it is best to turn the grill down to its lowest temperature and use the prime function to push any of the burning pellets out of the auger tube and into the burn pot. 

DO NOT unplug the grill right away.