Meat Claw BBQ Bundle


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  • Sturdy, high-quality tools & accessories
  • Limited time bundle 

  • You have a grill, you have tools, pellets, and all the basics. Now, it's time to step up your barbecue game with our new Accessory Bundle — complete with all the tools you didn't know you needed. Use the Wing Rack and Wok to craft mouthwatering dishes, keep the Meat Claws and Sauce Mop on hand for those long cooks, and use our Smoke Tube to elevate your dish with even more of that precious smoky flavor. 

    Included with purchase:

  • Wing Rack
  • Soft Touch Meat Claws
  • Soft Touch BBQ Sauce Mop
  • Non-Stick Grill Wok
  • Pit Boss 9" Smoke Tube

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