Pit Boss 10in Cast Iron Deep Skillet with Lid


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The Pit Boss 10” Cast Iron Deep Skillet is a lifelong cooking tool that gets better and better with each use. Pre-seasoned and ready to go, you will enjoy the variety, sturdiness, and dependability that can only come from 100 percent cast iron. Use it for recipes on the grill or the stove top. The excellent heat distribution and naturally non-stick surface make this deep skillet the perfect choice for favorite recipes like cornbread, deep dish pizzas, or smoked apple pie. The lid and the skillet have two wide lip pouring spouts, long easy-grip handles, and top helper handles for easy maneuvering. Use the lid as a second skillet or place on top to seal in moisture. Treat your loved ones to delicious heartfelt recipes for generations to come.


The Pit Boss Cast Iron Deep Skillet with Lid has a 10” diameter and can hold 3 quarts.


Care Instructions: Rinse the skillet with water only. Dry well, and season whenever the bottom starts to lose its well-oiled shine.