How to use your Pit Boss like an oven
Whether you’re craving baked goods or looking to throw together a quick weeknight meal, you don’t have to turn on the oven to make it happen.
It’s getting hot out there, folks. In fact, for many, it’s too hot to disturb the cool air indoors by using your oven. Keep the heat outside and fire up your Pit Boss wood pellet grill or smoker instead.
Yes, you read that right.
Not only is it possible to bake with your Pit Boss, it’s also convenient and adds an extra level of flavor to every dish!

What can you bake in a Pit Boss grill?

Consistent temperature control, even temperature distribution, and the ability for hands-off cooking are all ways that pellet grills and smokers work like an oven.
This means that anything you can cook in your oven, you can cook on your Pit Boss.
You can achieve wood-fired pizza, bread, and other baked goods like cake, pie, brownies, and more.
Simply start up your grill or smoker, allow it to reach your desired temperature, pop your dish in and let it do its thing.

Will the food be too smoky if you bake on your Pit Boss?

Many people worry that baking food in a pellet grill or smoker will ruin the taste. However, instead of overpowering dishes with smoke, the grill simply gives dishes a kiss of smoke for an added depth of flavor.  
Let us say it again: It. Won’t. Taste. Just. Like. Smoke. This is because the grill won’t exude as much smoke when cooking at the higher temperatures required for baked goods.
When pellet grills are set to temperatures below 225°F, the auger slowly feeds wood pellets into the burn pot which allows the pellets to smolder and produce smoke. Baked dishes are usually prepared at temperatures of around 350°F and higher.

Which wood pellets are best for baking?

We recommend using hardwood pellets with a mild flavor to compliment your baked goods and not overpower them.
Our fruitwood pellets are a great option, such as the Cherry or Apple Blends. These pellet blends work well for all baked goods, especially desserts.
You could also try fueling up with our Maple or Pecan Blend hardwood pellets the next time you bake a pan of brownies or a cake.
The best part is that you can experiment with various wood pellet blends for each dish to find the ultimate flavor combo.

How do you bake in a Pit Boss?

Now that we’ve covered the basics of using your Pit Boss like an oven, you’re probably wondering if recipe or temperature adjustments are needed to be successful when baking on a pellet grill or smoker.
Use cast iron or ceramic dishes for best results. These materials are ideal to cook with on your Pit Boss due to heat distribution and absorption, which aids in achieving a more even cook.
The first time you try it, we recommend using a recipe you’re comfortable with. This will make it easier to check for desired doneness, and you can compare baking times with the original. You can also compare the end result to see how the addition of subtle smoky flavor impacts the overall taste of the dish.
Set the grill’s temperature according to the recipe you’re using. The baking time may vary, however, so the dish may need to cook a little longer than the original recipe recommends.
It’s a good idea to cover your baked goods toward the end of the cook to prevent over-browning. Once your crust or the exterior of your baked goods forms and browns to your liking, you should cover it with foil or a pie crust shield to prevent burning.
Cooking versatility is yet another perk of owning a Pit Boss wood pellet grill. So, give baking a try! Using your Pit Boss like an oven might just become your go-to way to cook.