Pit Boss Pro Tips
We've compiled the ultimate list of Pro Tips to make your backyard barbecues that much better. Whether you're throwing down on a pellet grill, vertical smoker, griddle, or gas grill — we're here to help.

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take meat off grill early - sliced brisket on cutting board

CARRY IT OVER: Pull your protein off the grill when the internal temperature is 5-10°F shy of your goal internal temperature.

We recommend this method because the protein will continue to cook after it's been removed from the grill and "carry over" to the correct temperature while it's resting.

FEATURED: Use a meat thermometer for accurate temps. 




rest meat after cooking - sliced meat on cutting board


LET IT REST: Rest your protein after cooking and before slicing for a juicier, more flavorful final result.

We recommend resting 7-10 minutes per pound on larger meat cuts, and 5-8 minutes per inch of thickness on smaller meat cuts.



spritz meat during long cooks - pit boss spritzer bottle with injector and smoking pork butt

TIME TO SPRITZ: Use a spritz when smoking your favorite proteins low and slow! A spritz will help prevent the bark from overcooking, develop a deeper smoke ring, and keep your meat moist throughout the cook.

When smoking a pork butt, add a little acidity to your spritzing liquid. The acidity will help cut the heavy fat texture in the meat, and bring out the natural flavors.

FEATURED: Use the Pit Boss Spritz Bottle, featuring a pressurized pump and injector



cold smoking - pit boss side smoker attachment filled with cheeses and sausages

STAY COOL: Try cold smoking to infuse your favorite sea salts, vinegar, oils, and more with a subtle smoky flavor. 

To achieve this, you can use a smoke tube on pellet grills and gas grills or you can use a side smoker on select Pit Boss Grills!

FEATURED: Check out our smoke tubes & side smoker attachment



The pit boss grills app - showing hand using the app to control grill temperature

 GET CONNECTED: Use the Pit Boss Grills App during the big game, so you don't miss any of the action!

You can control grill temperature, monitor internal protein temperature, and more, all from your phone!

Learn more about the Pit Boss Grills App here.


reverse sear method - steak being seared on pit boss wood pellet grillREVERSE IT: Use the reverse searing method to cook your protein more evenly and add unmatched wood-fired flavor.

Smoke your protein low and slow until you reach your desired internal temperature, then crank up the heat and sear over an open flame to finish it off!

Lucky for you, Pit Boss Grills come standard with a Flame Broiler™, allowing you to direct flame sear up to 1,000°F right on top of your grill grates. 


DISH UP: Cook your favorite game day appetizers in Pit Boss All-Purpose Foil Pans.

These heavy-duty pans make serving up (and cleaning up) super easy!

FEATURED: Pit Boss all-purpose foil pans, great for cooking in and serving.




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