Pit Boss Cowboy Fire Pit

SKU: 10730
  • 2-in-1 wood fire pit
  • 483 square inches of cooking surface
  • 24.8 inch grid diameter

Bring the Bigger. Hotter. Heavier.® bonfire to your backyard with the Cowboy Fire Pit by Pit Boss® Grills. Perfect for both entertaining and barbecueing, this 2-in-1 pit is an excellent addition for your next outdoor gathering.

The Cowboy Fire Pit’s innovative design features a swivel stainless-steel grate for authentic wood-fired cooking that you’d expect from a Pit Boss product. You can adjust the grate height to cook with more or less heat or remove it completely to enjoy the flames.

The large-capacity bowl holds enough wood to burn for hours, while the wide-base design and heavy-duty steel construction offer long-lasting outdoor use. These units also feature a wraparound mesh shelf that act as a convenient side table for setting down food or drinks. Plus, with safety features like a mesh spark screen and effortless ash cleanout, the Pit Boss Cowboy Fire Pit the perfect fire pit for backyards with families or pets.

  • Removeable and adjustable swivel grate
  • Wraparound mesh shelf
  • Removeable ash and ember clean out pan
  • Stainless-steel grid construction
  • Mesh spark screen, stainless-steel handle
  • High temperature black sand finish with a heavy gauge build

🥩Try our Open Fire NY Strip Steak or Veggie Skewers recipes cooked on the fire pit!

🎥Watch us cook a full meal on the Pit Boss Cowboy Fire Pit in this Fully Loaded Video 

User Manual Pit Boss Cowboy Fire Pit