Thiessens Light Camp 3-Piece Cookset


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From the creators of Pit Boss® Grills, prepare for your pursuit with Thiessens Authentic Outdoor Equipment. Experience authentic, pursuit-driven, superior-quality equipment that will consistently bring the best combination of features and performance to your next outdoor adventure. 


This compact cooking set includes a small pot (0.8L), a large pot (1.5L), a frying pan (6.8 inches), and a removeable handle, so you can cook for 2-3 people on your next backpacking trip. The ultra-lightweight materials and nesting stowaway design make this the perfect cooking companion on any outdoor excursion.  


LC 3-Piece Cook Set  Features:


  • Small Pot w/ Lid 156mm x 75mm 
  • Large Pot w/ Lid 168mm x 98mm 
  • Frying Pan 174mm x 42mm 
  • Folding Handle 
  • Stove: 107mm x 85mm 
  • 107mm x 72 mm Folded 
  • Material: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Plastic