Thiessens Light Camp Rapid Titanium 1P Kit


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From the creators of Pit Boss® Grills, prepare for your pursuit with Thiessens Authentic Outdoor Equipment. Experience authentic, pursuit-driven, superior-quality equipment that will consistently bring the best combination of features, performance to your next outdoor adventure.


The Thiessens Light Camp Rapid Titanium Stove Kit was specially designed for minimalist applications where fast and lightweight really matter. Perfect for solo camping, thru-hiking and rapid alpine objectives, this set is lightweight and portable utilizing nesting canister storage. This kit includes an ultra-light Titanium Stove, weighing in at just 1.5 oz., boasting a minimal hole pattern on the stove head permits a fast gas flow for a strong wind resistant flame and fast boil times. The .5L titanium pot with robust folding handle is designed to nest the titanium stove, Thiessens ultra-light folding spork and a 4 oz. iso-buntane canister, all weighing in at an industry leading 10.5 oz.


LC Rapid Titanium 1P System Features:


  • .5L Titanium Pot 4”(diameter) X5”(H) 
  • Titanium Folding Handle 
  • Titanium Catch Bracket W/ Titanium Rivets  
  • Internal Stamped Graduation Markings 
  • Includes LC Rapid Titanium Stove  
  • Includes Foldable Plastic Spork 
  • Nest Compatible w/ 4oz Canisters  
  • Weight: 11.6oz w/ 4oz Canister