Thiessens Light Camp Stamina Alloy Stove


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From the creators of Pit Boss® Grills, prepare for your pursuit with Thiessens Authentic Outdoor Equipment. Experience authentic, pursuit-driven, superior-quality equipment that will consistently bring the best combination of features, performance to your next outdoor adventure. 


The Light Camp Alloy Stove brings industry-leading efficiency and unmatched versatility to any outdoor adventure. This folding gas stove features a gas preheat tube to deliver improved performance, notably in cold weather or high-altitude conditions. The preheat tube allows for a fine-tuned simmer control, affording you the capability for better gourmet cooking from the backcountry. The LC Stamina Alloy Stove design allows you to use the fuel canister upright for precise flame control as well as invert the canister for excellent performance in cold weather. It is also compatible with larger pots thanks to its low center of gravity and three alloy legs. This stove also includes a padded mesh bag to provide ample protection for the stove while in your backpack or bag with your outdoor trail gear. 


LC Stamina Alloy Stove Features:


  • 145mm x 75mm 
  • 75mm x 89mm Folded 
  • Weight: 146g 
  • Power: 2990W 
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Copper